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Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday.......

to my lovely friend Jilly (have fab day), but more importantly to my hubby

hes the big 50 today.

Trust me when I say hes not over enamoured with turning that particular number, but hes in for a few surprises present wise :)

We have lots planned and we will turn that frown upside down!!

Last week I emailed my blogging friend Ros and asked if she could make hubby a card. Have you seen Ros' cards? they are amazing!

Within days of asking it had arrived:

I love it! Thank you Ros..check out Ros' blog and see more of her lovely creations.

Me? Im outa here! got a few ballooons that need blowing up!

Have a great weekend, ttfn xox

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  1. Aww! thanks so much ... you make me blush! Happy birthday to your hubby ... have a wonderful time!