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Friday, April 27, 2012


Thought it was about time I updated my poorly neglected blog Its been a excuses really lol

Unfortunately I haven't been able to do much paper crafting due to have a major knee op in January.

However, I did re kindle my love of crochet and with the help of my BSIL (for all the bits Id forgotten) Ive created several little things.

 A little Cath Kidston style blanket for Miss Morgy Moo

I also did a baby blanket for a friends daughter, who is due a baby in the summer.  Using this pattern (thanks to Lucy for sharing)

Now I'm on to a rainbow blanket for Rebeca, shes so excited and cant wait for it to be finished.  I think though that as its going to be single bed size it could take a while lol.

Last but not least, feeling heaps better, I managed to do 2 pages in my smash book, last weekend.  It didn't take long and it was fun to do.  Have loads of ideas, the book (which is the Red Doodle book) is going to be all things I love, from baking to old movies etc

Now I have to find time to get this blog sorted, hate the design and need something new, but what?



  1. Nice to see you back! And from the friend who's daughter is expecting Thanx soooo much for the lovely blanket!! Xxxxx

  2. Hi Jak ... glad you are on the mend ... lovely crocheting and your smash book look really interesting ...

  3. ur soooooooo clever! Wish I could crochet! Fab smashing :)