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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Great Day

The wedding has been and gone and what a fab day we all had.

Everything ran smoothly and it was fantastic to catch up with so many people. family and friends alike. 

One of my favourite pics of the day is this one of my 4, Im so proud of them all.

Despite this picture being blurry, I still love it.  Its my son and his partner with their baby and my other 2 grandbabies, arent they just the cutest.

Hubby and I are looking after C and R this week, so we went camping for a few days in Brean, Somerset.

Weve been going to Warren Farm since Matt was 2 (hes 24 now), we love it there and of course its fab for families.

The weather wasnt all that great but the littlies enjoyed themselves and thats all that matters.

Back to reality with a bump now though as Im back at work today, but on a positive note Im only back at work for a day and a half and its the weekend again......going to try and fit in some scrapbooking too at some point as I now have an abundance of photos!

ttfn x

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  1. These are lovely photos ... don't know how I missed them ... sweet children ... I hope you enjoyed the day