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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ooops I did it again.....

No thats not a Britney Spears poor blog has been neglected somewhat, its a month since my past post.

As for crafting, havent done an awful lot, though did actually manage 2 pages, yes 2! last weekend. We had a mini crafting session at a friends, with a spot of lunch in between and it was so nice to just chill out, have a natter etc after what was, a very hectic week at work.

Unfortunately I dont have pics on this comp of the said layouts, but I will upload them tomorrow.

I really must sort this blog out its in desparate need of a re-vamp (and regular posts!). Though Im afraid thats not happening this weekend.

This weekend Bee and I are shopping for dresses (for her) and then its hen night, yay! Though a hen night with a difference as its not just for girls lol. Should be fun all the same, gotta love a Kareoke night :)

My daughter Nicola and her partner, Gemma, are getting hitched in just over 2 weeks. So I have a few bits and pieces to finalise and sort before the big day.

One of them being how to fix some flimsy feathers on to a flimsy fascinator without them breaking...answers on a postcard please (or you can just use the comment box hehe)

Right back to it, back tomorrow with my layouts.

ttfn x


  1. Oooh hen party sounds like fun :D

    Feathers onto a fascinator - have you thought about wiring them on with some fine beading wire?

    Good luck & have fun xxx

  2. Thanks Sarah, thats a fab idea, will give it a go x

  3. Nice to hear your news ... have a great hen night and best wishes to your daughter ... feathers ..hmmm .. not sure about that one ... good luck!!