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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blog Award

The lovely Ros over at 'Mikeys Mom' has given me a blog award

The rules are that I have to give 6 (supposed to be 7 but could only think of 6!) random facts about myself and pass this on to 8 other blog buddies ... so here goes ...

1) When I was 18 I was a Nanny looking after 6 children
2) Though...I always wanted to be a Midwife
3) I descend from Romany Gypsies
4) Im a bit of a technophobe when it comes to dvd/video player (ok with comps obviously lol)
5)Im interested in Spritulality and believe in angels
6) Ive been for scrapbooking 8 years
Im passing this on to the following lovely people:

Lorna - A Bit of Everything
My BSIL - Gerties Life in The Madhouse
Sheena - Sheenas Scraps and Scribbles
Nickii - Sunshine Reflections
Nat - I Scrap, Therefor I am..

Ttfn x


  1. oh wow thank you jak, i will think and then pass it on x

  2. Well I think you are an angel for the kindness you showed to my group ... and yes I believe too ...

  3. Hi Jak thanks so much for the blog award - its lovely to know someone reads my ramblings! Have you seen Morag and I are doing another charity crop this year? details are now on my blog if you are interested.