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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Who wants it!?

My cold and cough that is! Im sick of having it now, just seems to keep lingering from when I had flu the other week.

However, the gorgeous sunshine made me feel heaps better today, it was lovely to wake up to the sun blaring through the window.

Lets hope it stays for a while!

On the scrappy front Ive done nothing, I know shocking eh!

However, I have suddenly discovered Google Reader (only had my Gmail account a couple of years LOL) and Im loving it. It helps me keep up to date with all of the blogs I follow rather than searching my 'favourites tab'

The best thing is it lets me know in an instant if a blog has a new post.

Ive also come across a few more sketch blogs and as you may know from previous posts Im a bit of a sketch lover!

So if youre like me and need some inspiration take a looksee over here at Sketchy Thursdays Blog, loving this one:

Heres this weeks offering:

The sketches are fab and the DT do some awesome work, plus you can also take part in the challenges posted.

This ones saved in Google Reader, thats for sure!

ttfn xox

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