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Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend Off, Yippee!

This weekend is my first one off for a few weeks and I cant wait! I can see me getting used to the not working on a Sunday milarky.

Having said that I have so much housework/washing to catch up on its unreal.  Havent had a chance to this week what with my new job etc.

I think once I get myself in a routine it will work out really well.  Tomorrow, Im having lunch (after Ive played a little catch up) with my oldest daughter and my grandbabys which Im really looking forward to.

Also planning to do a little knitting in the evening, need to get the back of my cardi finished.

Talking of knitting, I had this new pattern come through the post yesterday......well a girl has to treat herself LOL. (Im so generous to myself a whole £2.73!)

The pattern number is Sirdar 9073, cant wait to start knitting this one, the short sleeved version as pictured.

Have a good weekend all, ttfn x

PS. Chocolate Chip Blog updated!

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