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Friday, June 12, 2009

No Scrapping.........

in sight the last couple of days.

Been trying to get my scraproom tidied up. Came back from the retreat and just dumped everything in there. Though the good news is wont take me long to do.

Keep meaning to find the time for a purge, but just cant face it, anyone else like that?!

So what else have I been doing.

Well been trying to get a bit fitter, no laughing! Cant spare the money on the Gym right now due to hubbys impending redundancy, so he bought me a Wii game instead LOL

Well not a game as such, this:

Oh yes, my very own personal trainer in a box haha!

EA Sports Active has a 5 star rating on, which kind of swayed hubby in buying it.

It features a wide variety of activities that target upper body, lower body, as well as cardio, cant be bad eh!

Well unless youre hubby or me, he tried it first and then hobbled around for a couple of days complaining about his stiff knees hehe.

Me? Well lets just say Ive started the 30 day challenge and I have never felt so knackered. OK I know, Im really unfit, but blimey! However, having finished the first day I can honestly say, now its over, I enjoyed it!

BUT and its a big BUT, Im not sure I can manage every single day, I will be in a big heap needing an oxygen tent, by the end of next week haha! Yes I really am that unfit!

So, my plan is to do every other day and tone up all or most of the bits that need toning this space!!

Have a good weekend everyone! xox

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