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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Im Back!

Im back!

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes, I had a fab day on Saturday and in the evening.

Had the most lush pressies too, money, CDs, chocolates, flowers, a top and a gorgeous wrap cardi.

Went and did a little shopping with my birthday spends on Saturday and treated myself to this:

Oh and bought the Maraca casings too!

Deb and Tony came over for a gorgeous roast lamb dinner in the evening, cooked by hubby, then it was on to the playing the Wii.

Gotta love that console! Best thing we have bought in years.

The Samba game is quite good, would say its more of a fitness thing (helps to get rid of bingo wings thats for sure LOL) but still a good laugh trying, especially the poses.

If youre gonna buy it best place to go would be Play. as its £7 cheaper than I paid at Game!

So after a wonderful evening, I woke up at around 5am Sunday morning with the dreaded lurgy! A sickness bug, gross out!

Was ill all day with sickness and trotting to the loo (I know tmi) and wasnt feeling much better yesterday.

Felt totally exhausted and ached all over (though some of that couldve have been Wii related)

Better today though, thank goodness.

Now playing catch up.

Which reminds me, have you popped on over to the Scrap Schemes blog lately??

You should, theres some fab inspiration on offer not to mention a prize.

ttfn xx

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