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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy Creating!

as well as creating a mess, Im creating a few bits and pieces.

Currently doing my Scrap Schemes DT layout, so no peaks yet.

Keep checking back though as it goes live Tuesday.

Cant wait, then why not check out Scheme 12 which is currently live, awesome work and inspiration from my fellow teamies.

So anyone watching the Superbowl this weekend?

Not sure if I will be, but would like to.

Whilst in Florida, we were lukcy enough to go to an NFL game in Miami - a playoff, Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens.

It was packed, this is only a couple of views of the stadium. Look at that sea of colour!

The atmosphere was incredible, not to mention the organisation of the whole event. The NEC could definately do with a few hints from the US event organisers thats for sure.

People, some with families, some with their friends, made a day of it, packed up their barbeques and had get togethers in the massive car parks.

There were Raven fans, obviously, as well as Dolphin fans, all intermingled and not a bit of trouble, the fans took it for what it was, a game.

Boy was it hot that day. 90 degrees at least phew! So had to buy a Dolphins cap (thats who we were supporting) to shade from some of the sun.

At first I found the game hard to follow, but (sods law) was just getting the hang of the rules of play when the game ended, sadly the Dolphins lost, but it was a fantastic experience and one that we'd all like to do again.

Maybe one day, who knows......

ttfn x

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