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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

That was the week that was!

Busy old week and havent had time to update, well you know how it is.

Anyone else sick of this crappy summer we're having!

Our camping trip the weekend before last looked promising and started out great, gawd we even got a bit of a tan on the Friday.

There was 15 of us all together, inluding my BSIL and family.

How we laughed at my brother and his 'cant stand up in' tent.

Saturday was an absolute wash out and so disappointing!

As it was raining we decided to take a drive to Clarkes Village, great shopping outlet and my bro bought himself a 'proper' tent as he called it, one that he could stand up in LOL

Got back to the camp site, put the tent up only to haul all the sleeping bags and airbeds out to find them soaked. At which point hubby noticed a huge puddle right beside the tent, the place had flooded while we'd been shopping.

So we packed up and went home, such a shame as I knew we wouldve had a blast.

Mind you the weekend ending up costing me a fortune anyway, what with pictures, dinner out for Bettys 16th birhtday.

Then Monday saw us take a trip to Devon to see my mum and step dad. My sister was also visiting from Scotland with her family too. My step-dad was working all day unfortunately, but we still had a good time, out to lunch and having a good old laugh. Managed to get some pics too.

In fact Ive taken loads of piccies this last week, including the said tent and puddles LOL

Ive even managed to get a bit of scrapping in this week, when theres been naff all on the tv.

Will upload piccies tomorrow, off to bed now, ttfn x

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