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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


As promised heres a few pics from the camping weekend

The prep:

Love this next one, this little imp, couldnt wait for the beds to be set up, jumped in straight away and wasnt moving for anyone. Gotta love that cheeky face!

This one is after the flooding had reduced somewhat!

As I said in my previous post also managed to catch up with family, this is a piccie of me, my mum and sister.

Last but not least, Sarah has been off scrapping for a little while and taken up crochet, which you may have seen on here on her blog.

Look at this little beauty and its ALL mine, shes a right little clever clogs and puts her hand to most crafts. You should see the blanket shes doing now, its lush!

I absolutely love it, so huge hugs and thanks BSIL

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  1. Hi ya Jak.....Sarah is soooo talented....I want (no NEED) one!
    You lucky luckt thing.