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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Where do I start?



Lots been happening of late as some of my closest friends know.

Some good news though, Betty came home hospital a week ago and fingers crossed she is now recovering nicely with no other complications. Its been a long 6 weeks thats for sure, especially for her.

No school for a few weeks yet but bad news is her mocks start tomorrow and shes missing them. Still waiting to hear from the school what they are going to do to get round it.

Do you know they are totally useless, been waiting 2 weeks for a call, ended up calling them again Friday with a promise of a call in the afternoon....guess what?! still no call!

Betty is worried about whether she'll get into Art college or not, but Ive told her not to worry, we'll do her application and send a covering note along with the Docs letter explaining things and take it from there.

Other News:

My second baby, Beany got engaged on Christmas day to Rob. Hes a smashing bloke and def on par with Neil (my oldest daughters ex, the only one Ive ever really liked out of all her boyfriends). Robs got a lovely family and they are a hoot too, which is great.

So their plans? to get married in September next year, in Central Park, New York of all places, how fab is that. We are so excited for them and couldnt be happier.

I have a new job, woohoo!! start on 11th Feb and really looking forward to it. Its going to give me some structure to my life, which Im sadly lacking at the moment with the hours Im aready doing at Avis.

The house badly needs spring cleaning at least with my new job I'll actually find some time to do it now. Already started cleaning my scrap room today (worst room in the house), studio? more like a bloody dumping ground for everything.

Been really ruthless too, got rid of all (ok, nearly all) my Basic Grey and lots of other papers that are from years ago and I know I wont use. They are all been donated to the hospital craft room along with some other bits and pieces.

Ive been scrapping nearly 5 years and you wouldnt believe the stuff Ive accumulated over the years, but then again maybe you would LOL.

Hubby asked me today, 'how much moneys worth do you think is in this (scrap) room?' Of course I just laughed and quickly said probably hundreds, 'and the rest!' says he LOL

Truth be known, I have a couple of hundred quids worth of stamps alone...but hey! whos counting (I gave that up a long time ago).

Not buying anything else though for a while, Ive even stopped my kits for a bit.

With the wedding next year we are going to need to start saving. Plus we are off to Florida in March for a week then again in December for another couple of weeks.

We wouldnt normally have 2 holidays in a year but Betty needs a holiday before she goes back to school full time, so do we.

We're also taking 'Stinky' and 'Bobbity' plus their mummy with us in March, so thats going to be fun. 'Stinky' is so excited about seeing Mickey Mouse.

Christmas will be with us with our 'other' family, Deb and her gang. Missed them so much this year, it just wasnt the same without them being around.

Anyway thats about it really, just want to say a huge thanks to my buddies who have PMed me and sent messages over the last few weeks, its meant a great deal to us.

Lastly, while you are going about your every day chores this week, please think of my dear friend Sally and her son Scott. Scott is having a Stem cell transplant this week so a worrying time for everyone involved. Thanks xx

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  1. Oh hun... pleased so much that things starting to look up.. Those hols will do you the world of good....

    Take care of you and yours xxxx

    PS.. Central Park..OMG how freaking exciting.. I wish i'd got married there!!!!!!!