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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Me!

Had a lovely birthday on Thursday. Went out for lunch with the girls and my bessie bud, last minute thing which are always the best kind.

Then went up to my daughters for dinner, which was delish.

Tonight I went out to dinner with some old friends, we had a real good laugh.

Mind you bet when I go to WW this week, I wont have lost anything, oh well birthdays are only once a year after all (unless youre the queen!).

Not much else happening, still wading through my scrapping stuff and trying to finish tidying the room.

Managed one little bit of scrapping this week, took all of half an hour. Whilst tidying I found a magentic mini clipboard that I bought about 2 years ago in decided it was time it got altered LOL.

Will post pics later, its late now and Im gonna finish my cuppa and get myself off to bed xx


  1. Happy birthday matey, glad you had a good one. I don't think I'll have lost anything on my weigh in day this week either! Looking forward to seeing you guys next month too :)

  2. Happy belated birthday sweetie! xxx