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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Im getting crap at this bloggin' lark

Sorry, just not enough hours in the day lately.

However, now that Christmas (yes I actually said the word LOL) will soon be with us things are calming down slightly.

Had a lovely, but somewhat hectic, weekend away, our first in a while, down in Essex, great to see Beany and Bob. Stopped in too on my Aunty who looks well, havent seen her since the summer, when sadly my uncle passed away.

Quick hi to Amanda, missed you at the weekend, hope to catch up with you and the little guys soon x

Other news:

Scrapajack are pleased to announce that they are a sponsor on a brand new forum that officially launched today, so excited about it.

The forum looks like its going to be a lot of fun and the inspiration there is incredible...cant believe some of the delish tutorials/sketches that has been posted, fab!

So yes, better tell you where the forum is hadnt I, come on over, pull up a chair and join in the fun over at

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