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Friday, October 19, 2007

18 days since my last post!

oooh err!

Well we went to the Royal Albert Hall to see Darren again and WOW! what a show, even better than the one in Birmingham, if thats possible.

Mind you a bit of a palava getting home LOL. Left the RAH to go to the subway and it was closed, so walked down the street and the next 2 were closed also. We were, by now, getting a bit worried in case we missed our train to Essex, so we ended up flagging down a taxi to take us to Fenchurch St Station, £18.50 later - we made the train back to Beanys.

It was great to see her and Bob, oops and her 2 little 'babies' bella and Bruno (cats). That was the first time Ive been to their new house and its lovely, very proud of them both.

What else....oh yes October in case you werent aware (tho Im sure you are) is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Last Saturday saw us going to a charity crop (in aid of Cancer Research) in Birmingham, organised by Morag, Audrey and Nicki. Those girls really worked hard and put on a fab day. The best news was that they raised £911.16, now that deserves a pat on the back. Well done girls great job. Looking forward to the next one already.

Then Sunday saw us up at Melton Mowbray catching up with our friends Lorna and Lyn and attending her crafty weekend. We went up Sat night and all 4 of us stayed in the hotel together, same room. Now that was a laugh and a half, the hotel cocked up the booking, so we ended up with 2 bunks and a double bed between 4 of us.

Deb shared the double with Lyn and I shared the bunks with Lorna....absolutely hilarious I can tell you. I love catching up with those girls and love 'em loads, just a shame Julia couldnt make it.

Sunday saw us crafting, well what would be the point in going to a crafty weekend if you didnt LOL. The girls have all been quilting and they have some fab finished projects.

I got to make a bit bag - these are 2 others that were made - the blue being Jo's and the other Maz's.

Now that hubby has bought me a sewing machine Im all set to start my patchworking again....its been a right pain (literally) having to sew by hand, hence the break from it.

Right best get to bed lots to do tomorrow as we have the builder coming at the weekend. TTFN x


  1. did you take any photos?? I didn't get to see him this time :(

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