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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Forgot to Blog! (long Post)

but whats new!!

So what have I been doing the last couple of weeks? Well went on a little 4 day holiday to Southern Ireland to catch up with old friends.

Took 'N', 'Stinky' and 'Jimbo' with us too. 'Stinkys' first time on an aeroplane, she was so excited and as good as gold, mind you so was 'Jimbo' considering he had to share a seat with his mummy. Does that boy smile a lot or what! constantly grinning, especially funny now hes getting his teeth, as they are all different sizes, imagine a toothy grin and thats 'Jimbo'

The littlies (and a couple of the biggies) went horse riding. This is something that 'Stinky' has been wanting to do for a while but a lot of places in the UK wont take 3 year olds...when we told her she was going she got excited all over again.

They were out for over an hour and they all had a great ride.

Think hubby was a bit uncomfortable tho LOL, been over 20 years since he last rode a horse!

Cathing up with the Gallaghers was fabby! Neil looks great considering his cancer treatment earlier on in the year, hes also back at work part time, which is great news and gets him out of 'Eefers' (hahah!) feet.

Girls are all grown up and Mikey is such a cute wee guy.

Only realised the other day that Ive known those guys for 30 years, how scary is that!

Will upload some pics in the week. Got a new 'handbag size' camera and the hardware isnt loaded to the comp, yet another thing on my 'to do' list.

Before I went away I managed to spend an evening with a friend and we had our own mini crop. Even managed to complete 2 layouts in the couple of hours I was there, totally unheard of for me....ask anyone, slowest scrapper in the land LOL

Piccie is of Betty on her birthday at Drayton Manor with her 2 friends, those guys love posing for the camera.

I have to say I especially like my Elsie papers one....the other is Scenic Route which I found hard to use and had no better ideas than what I came up with hehehe.

Piccie is of Beany and Pikey playing with Stinkys christmas present from last year, a mic and a guitar. Doing their rendition of Jason and Kylies 'Especially for you', absolutely hilarious!

Although stuck for ideas for the last layout, I was determined to use my fabby Banana Frog Stamps for the title. I have to be honest, Ive visited BF before and at quick glance, nothings really taken my fancy (only because I have no imagination, I hasten to add). Anyhoo, got the Willing Race Set in a Class Kit taught by the lovely Shimelle. Omgosh! they are totally lush and stamp like a dream.

Loved them so much that I had to go back and buy 2 more packs of stamps, an alpha and the postage. Not had a chance to use those yet though, hopefully this weekend.

Well thats it for now, off to watch some TV and then bed, been a looooong day!

Ooops before I go, Huge Congrats to my BSIL for making the 'Sketch This' DT, well done hunny, well deserved.

If youve got this far, well done to you too LOL xx

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  1. blimey you've blogged LOFL!!!
    Sounds like you had a fab time in Ireland :o)
    Those stamps look great as do the layouts,PSML at the last pic
    See ya Saturday BSIL xxxxxxxx