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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ok the time has come......

for me to go on a 'stash diet' yes you heard right! I was talking to a friend today and we both realised I had way too much stash (mind you she has a cheek to talk, you know who you are LOL), a lot of it not getting used.

Whats the point of having it just to look at it or 'stroke'. I means lets face it theres not many things you would buy and do that to is there.

Most most recent additions to my stash include some of the Elsie goodies (more than 1 of the lines eeek!), Creative Imaginations, not to mention the new Junkitz line, some Sassafras Lass and some Heidi Grace. Though the latter 2 were kits in my defence your honour!

Oh and I have a tonne of stamps coming from Millions (Jill has a sale on right now!)

So my new regime is to use some of what Ive got with no more buying in between and Im serious! So far I have managed to use all my Crate Avenue papers on my Thank You cards, plus some of my Mini Mark rub-ons and 3 sheets of cardstock...ok not a big deal but its a start.

Going to Moxley Crop tomorrow and already tonight, Ive sorted out my Junkitz Salsa for a water layout and some of my Fancy Pants papers to do a layout from our 25th Wedding Anniversary.

BUT thats not all, Ive also re-discovered my SEI Grannys Kitchen Papers and Crocheted Flowers....Ive earmarked that for our crop CJ thats about to start.....see I am trying hard LOL

So if you see me anywhere near stash for sale (apart from Scrapajack of course, kinda hard to stay away when you part-own the company) feel free to remind me and shout.........
'Step away from the Stash'!


  1. PMSL... who's just been posting sneak peeks on the CC Blog!!!!!! You temptress!!!

  2. LOFL you and stash diet just don't go!!!!!!
    If you fancy donating some of your lovely stash bung it my way so it can join my stash that I really need to start using :-)