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Saturday, June 09, 2007

I Just cant seem to find the time..

for this bloggin lark of late....I'm just so busy.

Ive kept quiet about this, but next week, hubby and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage...ouch! where did the years go?!

Anyway, he had organised a huge surprise, but someone let the cat out of the bag! Thank goodness they did is all I can say...phew!

He has arranged for us to re-new our vows at the local church and then we are having a party on the night...Im really excited but so nervous about it all. Not sure Im keen on being the star attraction LOL...not good at that type of thing at all.

The reason hubby did this (and this is very out of character!) is because first time around we had a register office wedding, not that exciting really. No big dress, bridesmaids or anything. After the wedding we had a lovely meal at a hotel and a party at home. Trouble was the World Cup was on and everyone kept disappearing to watch it! Not what I would call a wedding party at all.

The best bit of next weekend is that he is then whisking me away on the Sunday to a secret destination (hes been very careful in who hes told about that)....we're going away for 4 days and thats the one thing I'm really looking forward to.

Ive been so stressed this week thinking about everything, I now need a break.

My gorgeous friend still hasnt found a dress, well not strictly true, we found the perfect dress today in Swindons Debenhams, but guess what didnt have her size...nor have any of the other Debenhams. Apparently its a new dress just in store, so how come no one has any?? Its absolutely gorgeous and like I said perfect...fingers crossed we can get one, even if we have to drive miles to get it. Positive vibes please :D

My dress is being made for me by another wonderful and very talented friend. I didnt want anything too fancy and had an idea in my mind. Did a quick search on ebay and found a dress pattern that was just the thing I was thinking of. So a couple more days and mine will be ready...oooh and I bought the most gorgeous shoes from Evans to co-ordinate. The picture doesnt do them justice at all.

Like I said I am excited but very nervous about the whole thing.

Havent had time to do my latest assignments for the Photography Workshop either which Im disappointed about, but ho hum, some things have to give...I'll be back to it as soon as I can.

Cropping tomorrow with the gals in Droitwich, so best go and get everything ready.



  1. Oh hun.. it's gonna be soooo perfect.. just try to relax.. otherwise you'll end up missing half of your day... just turn up looking purdy.. that's all you have to do LOL!!!!!!
    Really over the moon for ya hun.. you deserve a big day... now don't forget to get someone else to take lots n lots of pics to show us xxx
    Can't wait hto hear where you end up too!! Cookie face x

  2. Congratulations! It all sounds very exciting to me! relax and enjoy it - you'll have a ball :) big hugs xxx

  3. Oh Jak, hope you have a fantastic day! Have you tried online for the Debenhams dress? That might be easier than driving all over the show? And your shoes are fab, can't wait to see some photos :)