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Friday, May 04, 2007

Its Official

Scrapajack and Homegrown Scrapbooks are having their first very own retreat.

We are working in conjunction with Stephanie at Homegrown in the states, so excited.

The venue is now booked for early next spring! So Stratford Upon Avon watch out!

Lots of planning to do now....will post more details as and when...well a girl has to have some secrets doesnt she ;)


  1. Just as long as I'm the first person you tell,beings though I am your BSIL *wink wink*


  2. Sounds awesome Jak, can't wait! I've never been to Stratford so it sounds like the perfect time to go ;)

  3. Sounds great Jakkii:)

    Sorry but I am tagging you!

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  4. Ooh exciting exciting!!!!! xxx

  5. Oooooo Jak thats fabulous!
    Can i come? When will you have details?
    Hope you're well!