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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


galore for me just lately, all work related of course. Last week saw me in London, down at Heathrow on a course for 3 days. I was a bit apprehensive about going, not knowing anyone etc. but that all changed once I got there, everyone was so nice and friendly. The course was real good fun but a huge learning curve too....Tomorrow sees me on a one day this one Im really looking forward to.

Ok its about the packages the company sell, but it will be interesting plus the best bit is that its at Hatherley Manor in Glos. Have been there on 2 retreats and its just fab.

Also very busy with Scrapajack crops etc. Teaching this weekend at Moxley so loads of prep to do before Saturday. The girls there are great so I know the class will be fun.

Lots of plans going on at the moment for other stuff which is all very exciting.

Plus Ive signed up for CJ's online Photography Course, or should I say hubby signed and paid for me to do it, bless him. Hes known for ages I wanted to do something like this, he can be so thoughtful sometimes....notice how I said sometimes LOL....Have to say tho, all joking aside hes def not tight when it comes to treating me, if he has the money he pays without question...even for my stash if I fancy a splurge, Im def a lucky girl thats for sure.

Right off to read through my camera manual in preparation....later x

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  1. and who, I wonder, decided to have the conference at Hatherley Manor. Ho, hum. mmmmmmmmmm, wonder who could have come up with that idea. lol.
    You jammy sod. Hope you had a great day.