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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Busy as always

well, I seem to be of late!

Lots of new stock is arriving at Scrapajack on practically a daily basis, so weve been busy uploading everything etc. My fave to date, though has to be the lush new mini ATC stamps from Paperartsy....cant wait to have a play with mine.

Plus as year end approaches another stock take was required.....Deb got wayed into it over the weekend, while I was working at my regular job, so only had a small bit to do on Sunday. I have to say its one of my least favourite jobs to do, but it has to be done.

Next on the list is to do the final prep for my class on Saturday and then sort out all the DT entries ready for judging. When we first advertised our DT call we werent sure if wed get much interest, but wow! We had 40 entries! Some absolutely stunning work too...definately got me inspired.

News on the home little grandson is doing really well and loads better, thanks for all your PMs and messages. Hes put on quite a bit of weight too, so thats definately a plus sign.

Mind you since hes had a lot of attention, little 'stinky' has been a right buggar, but makes us laugh all the same.

Yesterday she had me running around Mcdonalds. Our local ones have just been refurbed and the biggest one has got rid of its climbing stuff and got in a basketball hoop, an obtacle course, a dance mat and a cycling video game. So we must have spent a good hour yesterday playing all the games, I was knackered after but we had good fun. 'stinky' was too, so she was happy to go to bed last night.

Its her 3rd Birthday next week, so thats going to be even more fun, shes having a party, going to London for a few days to visit her aunty Beany and Uncle Robert, who are taking her to 'hamerlees' and she says shes going to buy some 'totluck' while shes there....can you even get chocolate in Hamleys LOL.

When she comes back its off to the safari park, on weds if the weather watch this space for pics....shes so excited, bless her

Cant believe shes turning 3 already!

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  1. Oh bugger
    Meant to apply for the DT and forgot :( Hope you have fun checking through all the entries and happy Bday to Stinky!