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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lovely Day

Had a lovely day today. We went to the Junction 7 Crop in Great Barr, Birmingham. It seems like ages since we last went.

Anyway, I did nothing as usual, just gassed, laughed and nosed at peoples work, as you do, oh and did a little bit of pricing up new stash.

It was great to catch up with all my 'scrappy' friends though.

Ohh I won the raffle too, a smashing bag with lots of embellies boxes in. I shant keep it though I'm giving it to my daughter as shes just started scrapping again, in between feeding and changing nappies.

It will come in handy for all her bits and pieces.

Sharon....makes a change for me to win doesnt it love.....bbbwaaaahhh!!


  1. Sharon Osborn9:06 pm

    I am well impressed Jakkii, what a very kind gesture, and what's this you don't win raffles!!Me thinks that needs retracting matey, lol

  2. says she the raffle winning queen win every blinki month!