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Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Birthday and Celebrations

Back in the land of the living now...thanks for all your get well wishes.

Wednesday saw me celebrate my birthday (thanks for all the cards etc). A pretty uneventful day really, Thyroid Clinic and Work, yep! that exciting.

Mind you, I had the most beautiful bouquet delivered to work from my hubby, only the 2nd time ever in 25 years hes done anything like that, then came home to a surprise bouquet from deb. So that was nice...dont ya just love flowers, I do.

Thursday saw us get up at the crack of dawn and head to London....why? My 2nd oldest daughter, was graduating from St Bartholemews in London....omgosh Im (we're) so proud of her, shes worked darn hard to achieve and shes the first in our family to graduate.

So my Beany now has a Bsc (with honours). Piccie time hehehe. Hubby doesnt do much smiling, thats his idea of a smile.

It was a long day, but once the ceremony and all the picture taking was over, we celebrated and headed for theatre land and some dinner.

Had the most delish pasta at Zizzis then went and collected our tickets to see Woman in Black at the Fortune theatre.

Been wanting to see this for a while, but wasnt sure what to expect. Well I wasnt disappointed, talk about being on the edge of your seat! Its a ghost story with just 3 actors performing in it. Brilliantly told and has you enthralled within minutes of it starting. It also had me screaming, literally, along with the rest of the audience. Not the type of thing to see if you are of a nervous disposition, thats for sure LOL.

Finally got home today Friday, Krispy Kreme Donuts in hand, absolutely shattered, but a good time was had by all.


  1. Sounds FAB. Would love to get to London to see some shows again...

    And loving the hair Mrs Giering! Very snazz!

  2. inspireserendipity7:47 pm

    Wow. Sounds FABBYWABBY. Congratulations to the gorgeous Beanie ( I lurve those glasses) - she looks like she just stepped out of the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.
    I know how proud you and Dave,(rightly), are of her, and glad you had a fantastic time.
    Soz couldn't see you for your birthday. Will make it up to you. (as long as you dont wear those Holey knickers, pmsl).

  3. Wow Jakkii you lookk very sophisticated in this pic. Love the new hairdo. Congrats to Beanie

  4. OMG I forgot your birthday (hangs head in shame).......congrats to your daughter, and love the hairdo ;)

    Sandie x