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Thursday, May 25, 2006

My First Ban!!

Ooooh er, for expressing an opinion, I have been banned from an 'Alternative' art forum.

How sad!!

Apparently I was priviledged to even get membership....membership is alledgedly not by vetting, but you DO have a questionairre to complete and then, if youre lucky 48 hours later, you get accepted. Loads have people, again, alledgedly, have applied but have been refused membership.

A friend of mine left the forum yesterday, but in fairness, she would have been banned anyway, it was just a matter of time. Again, all to do with expressing an opinion and questioning the powers that be about membership.

So today I expressed an opinion on someones blog, via the comments box, about the situation and hey presto instant ban. No email or notification, just banned. Oh and I wasnt the only one either.

So strikes me that the forum, at this rate, will have more members leaving by their own free will or not as the case may be, than they will actually have staying.

To be honest, I dont, as a rule get involved in disputes/politics, I like a quiet life and like to get on with everyone, but this has really got 'my goat'. Talk about Diva -ish! Please, there is life beyond art, shame a few people dont actually realise this. Certainly true about that old saying isnt it, 'Power can go to peoples heads'.

For the Mods reading my blog (and I know you are!) from the said forum, please feel free to leave your comments.

Rant over!!


  1. Well I read a rant yesterday on another blog and then now on your blog and all I have to say is (a) I can tell I'm so not into altered art as I have no idea what forum you're all talking about (truly) - LOL and (b) (if they're reading this) ain't the cure for cancer, nor world peace. So get a life.

    Love you lots Jakki! Never mind love, you're coming on the Gloucester 2 Retreat and you ain't been banned from that yet - ROFL!!

  2. Well yaboo sucks to them. They're a lesser place no you are no longer part of it.

  3. ... that should say NOW you are no longer part of it ...

  4. I agree, a lesser place without you hunny!

  5. Stuff em - whoever they may be. Personally a forum where you have to have membership approved is ridiculous anyway. If they want to stay exclusive, let them. One day all they can do it creep up each others backside coz no one else wants to play with them.

    You stick to your guns hun!

  6. Oooooh! I tried to log on the that one and it wouldn't let me! I sent a question to ask why and they never replied :( I don't understand, cos I had posted before, nothing even remotely contraversial.