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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bad News/Good News

Bad News is I didnt get that job I went for last week, nor have I heard anything from any of the other vacancies I applied a bit fed up......guess I'll have to keep applying

Good News is that 'Beany', our 2nd Baby,(ok shes nearly 23 but still our baby) has passed all her Uni exams! Im so proud of her and pleased as punch. She doesnt know her grade yet, but we are just pleased shes passed.

Shes worked so hard, at one point having 6 months off, due to having a car crash. The same week she had her crash her gran passed away then 2 months later her flat mate suddenly passed away, aged 21, then she flunked an exam, so had the threat of Uni kicking her out! (we had to write and plead her case, proving all the disasters even sending a copy of her grans death certificate, seriously) So its been tough for her. But shes finally made it through to the end and shes even got a job too, and we all know that NHS nursing jobs are thin on the ground.

Shes worked hard both at Uni and working part-time to support herself.

So Congratulations baby, mum and dad are really proud of you and knew you could do it. x


  1. Congratulations Michelle. Well done. You deserve it.

  2. Sorry about not getting the job Jakki. It's all meant to be. You'll sort it out.

  3. Sorry about the jobs hun, hope you find something soon!
    And well done to Michelle, brilliant!