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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Really excited as Saturday Deb and I are off to the West Midlands Crop in Moxley, hosted by the lovely Lisa.

No work for us, just time to crop and do our own thing, which makes a change. Since we started Scrapajack, neither of us seem to scrap as much as we used to. Though we have both decided that we are going to make a conscious effort to do more and have time for ourselves.

Debbie has been busy with the challenges on UKS while Ive been catching up on all those little projects I started but havent had time to finish.

The girls on the Moxely crop chat seem really friendly, so I know we'll settle in ok. Nothing worse than going to a crop where its clique and no one talks to 'strangers'.

Next week we have our own scrapajack crop, in Droitwich. Quite a few people coming too, so that will be nice. If youre local and interested in coming, let me know. All details are here

Other news? Ive finally got wireless...hoo-blinkin-ray! so now I can now crop, watch tv and surf the net in my craft room. Apparently we needed a network adaptor....another £20! but as dave says its only money.

Off to make some page packs for myself for saturday.


  1. I hope you have a great crop Jaks and really enjoy yourself.

  2. Hey JakkiiG!! You've been tagged!
    Find the Questions to answer here in my Blog.....

    Have fun
    Jackie x aka - craftymum1971