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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Devon Winter Wonderland

It was all over the news about the snow, but sadly we didnt get much at all, we had more of a fairy dust sprinkle.

However, my mum, who lives in Devon, had loads. She sent me this picture yesterday of her garden, taken on 25th November.

Looking at this picture makes me feel all warm and christmassy. This is how winter should be.

We used to have such fun times when my 2 oldest were little, 20 something years ago, taking the sledge up the bank, building snowmen. Coming back home huddling around the coal fire drinking hot chocolate.

How I wish now that I had all those moments captured on film. The best I have is 3 pictures and those arent that good.

Now that we are in the age of digtital cameras and the like (makes me sound old doesnt it), its far easier to catch those precious moments as they happen. None of the 'oh wheres the film for my camera' saga, or keeping the film for 2 years because you just havent found the time to get it developed.

Who cares if the subject isnt posing, some of those shots are the best ones. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful hobby as scrapbooking, ok Daves wallet isnt, but memories dont have a price tag do they.


  1. Lovely pic. We haven't had snow here either *sulk* But maybe it'll come between now and Christmas!

  2. That is a beautiful picture. And you are so right, you can't put a price on those sort of memories. :)