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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Question/challenge set by fellow scrapbooker, Ching.

Hmmm, a girl is defined by her handbag, I think. If I were to find your handbag and look inside, what would I find? What does your handbag look like? Do you change handbags often? If so, how often and for what reason?

Well, I change hangbags all the time as Im a handbag freak! My current bag is from next and its a bit like a postbag in dark brown faux leather.

Currently in it, I have;

1) 101 receipts from Tescos, Sainsurys etc.
2) Physio appointment card
3) Doctors appointment card
4) 1 sick note
5) 1 perscription
6) 1 payslip
7) Californian Raisin recipe card
8) comb
9) Tube of handcream
10) 5 tissues (yes I know totally gross!)
11) Passport
12) 1 chocolate after dinner mint
13) 1 lighter
14) half a tube of settlers tums (for when Ive eaten the mint LOL)
15) 1 broken keyring
16) 1 lipbalm
17) 5 pens and a pencil
18) post-it note pen
19) shopping list
20) Art and craft workshops leaflet
21) huge purse with more receipts and a load of plastic in (reward cards etc), plus a few coppers
22) 2 hair scrunchies

23) Mobile Phone

Time to clean the bag out I think !


  1. LOL at the receipts! I must have just cleaned mine out!

  2. Ooh, I didn't give as much detail in mine!! You are brave :)

  3. i keep receipts just incase I need to return the milk 5 weeks later. you never know when you need a recipt for sour milk!!!

    Keep us informed with your mad mad life jaks

  4. So you have the post-it note pen in there, but no actual post-its? I love it, especially the tissues - I'm just as guilty.

  5. Hey I agree 100% agree with the last few comments. This blog has great opinions and this is why I continue to visit, thanks! ##link#