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Friday, September 23, 2005

Bonanza Layout

yes! I finally got around to finishing one (and only one) of my layouts from Bonanza. Mind you it was a struggle. For some reason my wonderful zision trimmer is not so wonderful. It only seems to be since i changed the blades. I emailed provocraft about it but all I got was, and Im paraphraising 'was I sure I wasnt using the scoring blade', bet you can guess my reply to that LOL.

Jeez as if I dont know the blinkin difference between the 2! Anyway, my trimmer is now tearing the card and I dont have another trimmer. Im in 2 minds whether to buy a new one but Im supposed to be on a spending ban plus I need some new Liz earle Cleanse and Polish (if youve never tried her products, you should, fab).........cleanse and polish costs about the same as the trimmer, so trimmer? or liz earle? scrapbooking or beauty (who am trying to kid)? Dave will definately say neither.. blugh!

Will upload my layout later.


  1. Looking forward to seeing it Jak!

  2. Tricky choice...what did you go for?

  3. haha nothing, found some new blades lurking in my stash. Its still cutting wonly but I can just about manage