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Friday, September 09, 2005

Ive been naughty again!

Yep, I have been spending again! Well, how could I resist had those gorgeous lunch tins in that Ive been craving after for a while, so ordered 2. Asked Dave if he would loan me the money, well Im broke.......mind you not sure when hes going to get it back.

So anyway, tonight Ive been having another mooch and came across these lovely clipboards new from Provocraft, they are part of the Rob and Bob Collection.

They come in about 5 different colours plus theres a plain chipboard one also available. Hows a girl to resist? So of course I had to order 2, one plain chipboard and one grape coloured one. 3 sheets of 12x12 paper by Rob and Bob also mysteriously dropped into my cart just as I was checking out.

No more spends for me now though, I have to save all my cash for the Scrappers Unlimited retreat in October. Dave thinks we may have to re-mortage the house if Im live and unleashed for a WHOLE weekend where theres scrapbooking supplies. As if! I told him, I have my own store now with debbie so Ill just buy it there. Somehow I dont think he believes me, can you blame him?!


  1. I wanted some of those lunchtins too but i have NO cash right now, especially with the holiday!
    Love the clipboards too, can't believe you've been spending again!

  2. thats it make me feel even more guilty than I already feel LOL, beleive me hun, I cant afford it either!

  3. I lurrve those clipboards. You are a bad girl influencing me like this!!