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Friday, September 16, 2005

fed up!

Yep, Im fed-up! the blinkin main email address on our site is up the swanny, so is creating a lot of problems, my darling web man, who normally is a gem, is on his hols, so nothing I can do til he gets dare he go on his hols when I need him!

Im sick of all the CJ's Im doing. OK bit strong but Im all scrapped out with them and its getting harder to think of new ideas PLUS Im finding it more and more difficult to do 12x12 pages now as Im so used to doing 6x6 or 8x8s.

Word on my comp is pants, and dont even get me started about this darn computer!

I darent have any more retail therapy or Dave will be in Therapy with a nervous breakdown or up on a Murder charge. I can see it now: The Judge: "Mr G why did you throttle your wife"? Hubby: "because your honour she wouldnt stop spending my money with sponsors on UKS"

I have spent loads on stash of late, dont even mention the new Pink Q*****tz

Mind you had a lush paperbag kit off Kirsty (yes but that was before I decided not to spend anymore) at really pleased with it, was thinking of doing a girly book, of course, when I can fnd the time and the CJ's are all finished :P

OMG! just remembered I have to find/buy an outfit for this wedding on Saturday, last minute jobby again.......if only I wasnt so indesicive about clothes. See if I was a size 12 bet I wouldnt have this problem, but then thats another moan for another day.


  1. What are you doing up at 3 o'clock in the morning?!
    Calm down...breathe with me. It can only get better.
    I know what you mean about the circle journals, but listen, you've only got three more to do, before you get your one back!

  2. Sorry things aren't going as you'd like Jak. Take a breather, leave the CJs for a week and try to get back on track. I completely know where you're coming from!