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Friday, February 15, 2013

Sharing a Few Friday Freebies

Fridays seem to come around quick dont they!

Yesterday, 14th Feb, we welcomed baby Freddie into the world, so today Im in sharing some Valentines day printables found on the net.

First up is the Chalkboard printables from Nest of Posies, which I have to say are my faves...I would use at least 2 for general everyday projects.

To download these please visit the Nest of Posies download page here

This next one I found on Pinterest, its a PNG image, unfortunately I cant link it back as I cant find the original source...but thank you to whoever shared it x

Last but not least is this one, from Pretty up your Life, again not necessarily just for Valentines Day, to download please visit the link here

Im off to have cuddles will baby Freddie, have a great weekend all.

Ttfn xox

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