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Thursday, November 29, 2012

December will soon be upon us...

in 48 hours to be exact haha

Christmas is nearly here! I love Christmas!!  I cant wait!  'squeal/clapping hands' (for Emma hehe)

So with December looming (as per my last post) Ive decided to take part in the December Daily
Which is basically jounaling and photgraphing every day in December.

Ive made myself a small 6x4 album, small so as not to put myself under to much pressure!

I think know Im going to find it hard to say something interesting everyday BUT Im determined to complete the album.

This is the cover, keeping it plain and simple.  Papers are Simple Stories 'Handmade Holiday'

I know that 'Happy Holidays' is more an American phrasing but I actually prefer it.

I'll be keeping a notebook handy for the days I dont have time to complete a page, then Ill just play catch up on the weekend, fingers crossed that works!

Anyone else have plans for a Christmas Album?

ttfn xox