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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sun Sea and Sheep!

We had a lovely few days away at my parents place in devon. We crammed the days with outings.

On the way to Devon we took a detour to the TV Toy and Radio Museum in Montecute. The littlies loved it and it brought back some lovely memories from childhood for us....who remembers the Double Deckers??

The Mr Bean replica was also a huge hit.

We were also very lucky with the weather and had an afternoon on the beach, which involved lots of sunbathing (us) and digging of holes/sandcastles (the littlies)

Unfortunately mummy forgot to pack swimming costumes so it was pants and t-shirt job, but no one blinked an eye and the littlies didnt care one jot either!

Lastly we took a visit to the Big Sheep We love it there, its lots of fun and theres no chance of little ones getting bored.

Its also really educational...highlights of the day though were the sheep racing (we lost) and this

Gagan had to take C down with him as he wasnt keen to go down on his own. There was no stopping either of them then.

All in all it was a fab 3 days away, it was just a shame we couldnt stay longer.....

Ttfn x

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  1. Love your photos ... So glad you enjoyed the break and it looks like you got the best of the weather too!

  2. Sounds like you had a great little holiday! Cute pictures. The slides look like fun. I bet the kids loved them.