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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bags, Beads and Brooches...

My friend, whilst on holiday bought a fab magazine

It cost her £8.99 and I admit to staring open mouthed when I saw the price, BUT after browsing through it, it is actually quite good value for money, in my opinion.

Theres lots of projects, from bags to brooches, to home decor, step by step too, which always makes life easier.  The pictures and instructions are clear and precise...needs to be for someone like me who:

 a) Hates reading instructions
 b) Doesn't Sew regularly (last time was about 15 years ago!)

Anyway....Ive been a busy girl this past few days, creating and sewing!  and....

 *insert drum roll here*

Ive finally made something, from the mag I hasten to add....a book bag.

2 fat quarters (I knew they'd come in handy eventually) and some thread later and da!da!

Ok I'm fibbing, it wasn't all my own work, it was a joint effort with my friend Karen, BUT only because we were trying to make it for a friends birthday who's birthday happened to be the same day! I know talk about last minute haha.

However, I'm really pleased with the way it turned out and it only took 2.5 hours.  More importantly our friend absolutely loved it, especially as wed included a few holiday essentials like a book and some munchies lol

I'm definitely ready to make something else now....on my own!

Back tomorrow with more...ttfn xox

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  1. Sheesh! £8.99 does sound a lot ... guess you could share with your friend ... love the bag ... especially as it has chocolate in it! Have a good day!