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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fabric Love

It must be easily 20+ years since I actually made a garment and then that was only some play trousers when the girls were small.

After my last post Ive been having another look on You Tube and came a cross a fab tutorial, well more than one lol

So, I followed it somewhat to create (if you havent already seen it on facebook) this cushion cover.

I made a couple of mistakes but as its my first attempt Im still pretty chuffed with it.

I stupidly cut a couple of squares to 5" but measured it with the label included, doh!

The pattern is a disappearing nine patch block.  Real easy too.  I followed this fab tutorial.

Also whilst having a route through my fabric basket I came across a Jelly Roll, one I bought a couple of years back, so tomorrow I shall be creating with that.

Moda Roman Holiday

Now I just have to decide what to create?!  Thinking it could be the fence rail pattern, another quick and easy one.

Back soon with pictures.......maybe lol


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