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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Smash but sadly not Grab!!

Is anyone else loving the look of the new Smash journals?

Ive had my eye on these (and all the goodies that go with them!) for a while. So was very excited when I heard you could pre-order via their website, only to be massively disappointed that they are not shipping Internationally *insert sad face here*

Apparently we will have to wait until at least the end of summer for them to be released over here.

So for now Ive made my own!! Ok its not quite the same and I havent put anything in it yet LOL but it will do for now until I can get the 'real deal'. Then my problem will be which one to choose..........thinking the 'Pretty' (as above) or the 'Doodle', what the hec........ or both!

But Ssshhh dont tell hubby!!

Ttfn xox


  1. I can see why you're loving this ... such a shame that we can't get the goods here ... I love MF papers and struggle to get them too ... Have a lovely day

  2. Wow! that looks like such a great product! I want I want I want!