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Monday, May 17, 2010

Jolly Holiday

Stratford, as I said in my last post was fab, a relaxing break and a catch up with friends but it didnt end there.

Oh no, saturday saw me get home and finish packing for a few days break in Tenerife with my mum and sister.

My mum has an apartment at Tropical Park.

Theyd already flown out on the Friday, so I was spending Sunday-Friday with them.

It was the first time Id ever travelled on a plane alone, I did actually think that I wasnt going to make it at one point due to the ash cloud.

I was a bit nervous to be flying on my own, but my lovely brother (BSILs hubby) downloaded some films to my Ipod Touch for me last minute so I had something to keep me occupied.

4.5 hours later (and with a broken back tooth, darn mints!) I landed in a very warm and humid Tenerife. It was great to see my mum and sister.

This time of year and with the current naff rate of exchange, the complex was very quiet.

There are 2 pools at the complex, on 2 separate levels, one upper, one lower. Mums appartment is on the upper level (shown in the piccie, ground floor. so we literally stepped out of the apartment onto the pool area.

It was great to sit around the pool, swim, read and do absolutely nothing else. I felt very lazy, but enjoyed every minute of it. Wish Id had longer out there if Im honest. The time went too quick.

Sadly its back to work, work and more work (and slimming world eeek!!),my dental work is going to cost me £250!

Back tomorrow with some pics and some inspiration, ttfn x

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  1. Glad you had a great time...I'm still waiting to go there for me honeymoon 11 years after the event PMSL!!

    Lovin the layouts, need to get scrappin' again