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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well what can I say......

Other than that Im a rubbish blogger of late.....but in my deffence (yet again) Im still busy with retreat stuff.

Mind you nearly finished now, Yippee! In 10 days time I will be off to the hotel with the view to a little R&R but I know Id be kidding myself if I thought I was gonna get it LOL.

Still its all good fun and I get to spend a little time with a few friends too.

Havent done any scrapping either other than my DT project for Scrap Schemes, not really been in the mood if Im honest.

Had a lovely email today, so my scrapping hat will be going back on in readiness *wink*

Wasnt the weekend weather just gorgeous! I had a lazy housework kind of day on Saturday which was nice. Sunday hubby and I met up with friends and went to a couple of car boot sales, something that we havent done in a long while.

We left at 7.45am and got home at 5pm!

We had a fab time though, picked a few bargain books too. I was supposed to be looking for a book that I can use in one of Ness' classes at the retreat. Not a chance!! Oh I bought a few old books, but nothing I would feel comfortable with altering.

It doesnt matter if the pages are falling out I still cant bare to part with the book, sad but true.

Must have a sort through and upload a few of my finds.

Off to do some work now before I get the sack hehe, backed tomorrow with Scrap Schemes, ttfn x

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  1. i'm with you jackie i could never alter an old book, whatever the state of it, i am at a car boot most sunday mornings during the summer, normaly find a little something of interest.