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Friday, March 27, 2009


Been so busy this week (doing what? I dont know) that I havent had a chance to update my blog.

Last weekend was great and it was fab to catch up with everyone in Devon. My step-dad is still unwell, but fingers crossed he gets sorted very soon. He was so unwell on Sunday that he gave dinner out, a miss. A real shame, but I think mum, even though missing 'E' still enjoyed her day all the same.

Got to see my niece and her family too which was lovely. A while back I decided to make 'J' a pressie for mothers day, as it was her first. I snagged a piccie from Facebook and did this little canvas.

Oh and my mum loved her canvas too.

Over the weekend I also did a bit of creating, one I cant share til later (*toot*) but this one I can share.

Off to take a look at my camera manual now LOL, hubby bought me a new camera 2 weeks ago and its still in its box!!

Back Later xox

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  1. oooooooo. I lurve that layout. gorgeous.