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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Whod have thought that a few snowflakes, ok maybe more than a few snowflakes LOL, would bring England to a stand still.

In truth, its reported that an estimated six million people skipped work on Monday when the largest snow storm in 18 years, hit London.

There were no tubes, no buses, nada!

Instead children were building snowmen in gardens, and the usual noise of peak-hour traffic became a magical quiet as the British capital disappeared under a mantle of pristine powdery snow

What did we get??

Just a light sprinkle thats all!

Now dont get me wrong, I didnt want snow so I could have time off from work, I wanted snow so we could have fun in it like everyone else, so to say I was disappointed was an understatement.

We rarely get snow these days, so when it does come, I like lots of it, just like my friend Lyn got in Hertfordshire:

Even my friend Lorna got more than us and she lives in the Midlands too:

Still, not to be outdone by all the snowman builders out there and using what little snow we did have, Betty came up with this instead: Our very own Snow Cat!

Isnt it great! LOL

ttfn x


  1. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Nice kitty, I hope you called her Snowball

  2. its about time we got some proper snow, normaly it misses us all together.