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Thursday, September 04, 2008

And its still raining!!

What a miserable few days we've had, hope the rumours of a heatwave are true!

Mind you, shouldnt complain, the weather at the weekend was hot hot hot!

Nipped down to Swindon to spend the weekend with my friend Sal. We had big plans to scrap, scrap, scrap. I must have taken half of what I own with me LOL

Did we scrap? did we hec as like!

The plan was that we'd pop into to town to see the craft demo at Paper Mill, well we were in there all of 5 minutes, it was pretty naff if Im honest, then head back home.

I spied a Starbucks (my absolute fave place to get a coffee) in the shopping mall and we decided to stop for a lovely Starbucks Frap, as it was so warm.

Off then for a look around the rest of the shops, then on to Snazzy Bears craft shop, taking a quick detour into the quilting shop. We must have been in Snazzys for a couple of hours talking to Val.

On to Asda, hit Sals place around 7pm, by which time both of us were too knackered (and hot) to be bothered with scrapping.

So we had take away, a dose of X-factor and Big Brother. To be honest it was just lovely to spend some time with Sal, have a good old chinwag and a laugh, who cares if we didnt do any scrapbooking.

Mind you I'll be making up for it this weekend as Deb and I are off to Moxley Crop where the lovely Anna is teaching for the day.

She has some gorgeous projects lined up, all I have to do now is get my pics printed off in readiness.


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