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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Voulez Vous A- Haaa

So whats a girl to do on a Bank Holiday weekend? Go and see Mamma Mia Sing-along thats what!

Annie came over last night and off we went to the cinema, taking a detour on the way and picking up ourselves some kiddies echo mics. Ok we didnt go and get them intentionally, we just happened to spot them whilst getting our lottery tickets haha. Poor bloke at the counter thought I was an utter loon and I swear I had to actually convince him that yes I definately DID want to buy the mic.

Annie has seen the film Mamma Mia 3 times already (greedy sod), but I hadnt and it was way better than ever imagined it to be especially as it was the sing-along version. We even had a laugh with the people who were sat by - we didt know them from adam.

By the end of the movie most of the audience were up singing and dancing, absolutely brilliant, just sad Deb couldnt make it due to working, I just know she wouldve had a blast.

This morning, somewhat hoarse LOL, I decided to pop over and see Julie at Bee Crafty. Been promising a visit for a while but work/crops have always taken priority.....Its only now that Deb and I are actually getting some free time.

Ive spoken to Julie quite a bit over t'internet but never actually met her until today.

Gawd that lady is a loonatic, but you know what, shes one of the nicest people you could meet and her coffees not bad either.

Her newly located shop is light, airy and spacious and she has the most amazing goodies for sale, some of which I havent see anywhere else. Mind you its always better seeing stash in real life, but then on the other hand you end up spending more.

Luckily for Dave he got off very lightly or should I say his wallet did (for now), as I would have bought a Cuttlebug had they not sold out.

Ive never really had a proper look or play with one as Scrapajack dont sell big tools, but Julie gave me a quick demo and a play and Im hooked, more so because you can use lots of dies in it including the quickutz, which I have, gathering dust I may add, in my craft room.

So the CB is next on my list of purchases and Julie if you dont save me one when theyre next in stock, Mickey gets it! LOL

Got friends coming over for dinner tonight and we're having a Guitar Hero night, should be fun......Daves practising as we speak and he says Im the competitive one (ok I am a little hehe).

Best go cook, ttfn x


  1. Sounds like you had a hoot, and where was my invite, a girl can get offended you know :(

  2. Annie7:59 pm

    Jakkii, thanks for the night out, it was bloody fantastic,haven't had that much fun in ages, A-Haaaaaa don't worry Big sis, I can always go again LOL.

  3. Oh for goodness sake woman - like I'd let Mickey suffer any longer than he has to, you - you - you mousenapper you.........
    and thanks for saying such nice things about us, we thought we were but it's good when other's see it......A-hahaha :)

  4. I spent far too much at Bee Crafty but it was great! I really enjoyed singing Mamma Mia Soundtrack all the way home!!