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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blog Hopping

Im a bit of a blog hopper I have to say and love to see peoples designs and get inspiration.

I love challenge blogs and have even been known to frequent the 'Smack' blog for a nosy, shame on me!! But hey its like car crash tv, you just have to look.

Im not much of a commenter really just a lurker (which always sounds bad, like some sort of stalker LOL, but Im not, promise!)

I have lots of favourite blogs but this one has to be top of the list - SJs blog AKA Scrappy Fairy

She always inspires me with her wonderful creativeness. I also adore all the funky stuff that she finds on her travels.

Whether it be a cupcake or a pencil, if its bright and funky, she'll find it.

Pop on over and take a look (does this count as blog pimping oooh err!) at some of her layouts, theyre fab!

Back to work for me, lunch was over an hour ago!

ttfn x

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