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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Won!

Anna had her Scrapping Angels retreat this last weekend and she was also auctioning some goodies off in aid of the MS Society.

When a handbag is on offer a girl has to bid! So bid I did, via email.

I won too, very pleased.

Not sure hubby will be as enthusiastic about 'yet another' handbag but hey its for a good cause.


  1. Don't click on that link above it is BADDD!!

    Wow I love handbags and that one is GORGEOUS!!

    Mel x

  2. DON'T send me things, you have already been bad buying handbags willy nilly... tsk.. :D Hope you're all ready for your retreat.. not jealous at all..

  3. I thought you put a bid on and won.. Wasn't it a money bid.. I'm confused!! Are you just trying to feed me the same rubbish you fed to your husband.. it's not working lady!

    That bag HAS to go to the retreat... you CAN NOT leave it at home.. all alone..

  4. WOW what a fab bag Jaks....make sure you don't leave that at home...I want to have a 'very close' look!

  5. I personnally think you should give that gorgeous bag to me!!! After all I am your BSIL and you love me loads xoxo