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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Organising Help

For a while now Ive known that I need to get my backside into gear and get more organised.

Not so much my personal life but more with the de-cluttering of all the blinkin' junk we keep hoarding at home.

Im not saying that I dont hoard, OMGosh! Im probably the worst but I need to start being ruthless.

What makes us keep, for lack of a better word, c**p?

No point keeping it for a rainy day, as we have lots of those and the hoarded stuff still doesnt come out!

Anyway, this morning I recieved a comment from Gem, so I went over to check out her blogs. She has 2 the 2nd being this one

I then (in my usual disorganised way) started checking out her links. I have to say theres some good, useful info on there.

This is the first link I shall be having a thorough read through and who knows maybe it will be of some use. Well heres hoping!

So apart from Fly Lady (I unsubbed to that, was spending so much time reading her email prompts that I never had the time to make my sink shiny!) what good sites do you know of that will help with de-cluttering and being more organised?


  1. Hi there - just zoomed in from UKS to say hi.

    Sorry hun - I am a packrat too - but the best advice I have was the one my Mum once gave me way back when I was young and didn't really want her advice... lol. I don't always live by it - but must admit she was right.

    Put everything back when you finished using it and it will save you HOURS of work later. That means everything has a spot that's HOME - and return to that when not in use.

    Simple - isn't it - but yet SO HARD to always remember - but when I do - my mum will rejoice in her heaven - cause it sure saves time.

    And to make matter worse - I have told my kids the same - and they roll their eyes at me just as I did then. And now I told you - what can I say - history repeats itself - and mums are often right.

  2. I have no idea!

    I am a champion hoarder too... inherited from my mum, I never throw anything away. Well, hardly ever...

  3. Don't kid yourself'll never be organised! LOL