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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Its the weekend again!

Just dont know where the time is going, I honestly dont. Cant believe its nearly the end of the weekend again, work tomorrow.

We went tent shopping yesterday, yes you heard right, Tent Shopping! We were only supposed to be looking. 1 hour later we come home with a tent that sleeps upto EIGHT people LOL

Goodness knows when we'll find the time to actually go camping, plus we need new sleeping bags and an inflatable mattress, oh yes hubby has to have at least one bit of luxury LOL

Betty has plans to go camping with her friends for her 16th birthday, but thats not for a while yet, so gives me some time to get the other needed things.

Last night saw the Scrapajack rereat team get together for supper (and lots of glasses of wine) at Debs to discuss the finer details. A good time was had by all and due to the clocks going forward I didnt hit the sack till gone 3am.

Consequently Im blinkin knackered today.

Off up to do some more tidying in the scraproom (gimme a few more months and it will be finished LOL)

ttfn xx


  1. Your OH has the right idea, I'd want a bit of luxury too lol!

  2. Dirty little stop out! LOL