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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another Crop Day!

Took the shop, though I didnt actually crop today, no time LOL, Mary kept me chatting!! hahah!

Me and Deb met up with Sal for lunch after the crop, last minute thing, but it was great to see her, its been such a long time.

We finally left the pub around 5pm, got there just after one LOL, time flies when youre having fun eh!

Not a drop of alcohol even touched our lips, just food coffee and breath from talking LOL.

Had to just rush to sainsburys to get Stinkys birthday cake. It was her birthday yesterday but shes gone to her auntie Beanys for the weekend. Back tomorrow so we're having a birthday tea here for her.

Got a great cake, one of those picture ones. Got her princess piccie put on the cake as shes princess crazy at the moment, even more so after being in Florida.

Hope shes going to like it.

Also just been sorting out a few pics so I can do a few layouts for Scrapajack.

Anyhoo, piccies - found this of my little pirate Jimbo, taken at Magic Kingdom on the day (before it peed down with rain) we went to the Pirates and Princess Party.

Isnt he cute!

Right off to start some work, ttfn xx

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  1. Hi Jak....

    Just found your blog and though I'd drop in and say Hi and thanks for your comments on my blog. Have now added you to my favs.

    M x