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Saturday, July 21, 2007

what was I saying about the rain!

well I can honestly say in 20+ years living in worcestershire I have never seen anything like the floods we have had today.

But in true scrapper style, with my camera in hand, I had to go and check it all out.

Apparently the river is supposed to get even higher tonight, so will I or wont I be going to work (avis) on decide LOL


  1. Wow Jaq, hope you're ok!???

  2. cool piccies jak. Hope you got the day off work. I remember working at the Evening News up Hylton Road when I was about 18 and we got taken up the road in a rowing boat to work. lol.

  3. Jak you rock :-P check out me blog for more xx

  4. Hiya Jakki! You! I've tagged ya, you can get the details on my blog.

  5. Look at that water!!! I thought we had it bad here LOL.